Zodiac signs

Aries (born Mar. 21 – April 19)Symbol: Ram. Aries is: restless, impatient, creative, on the go, and loves new challenges, life & experiences. Ruling planet: Mars. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Key phrase: “I am.” Colors: red, black, white. Flower: Tiger Lily. Metal: iron. Rules: the head. Gems: ruby & diamond. Aries acts as the pioneer adventurer with courage, daring and boldness.
Taurus (born April 20 – May 20)Symbol: Bull. Taurus is: sensual, earthy, loyal, materialistic, stable, stubborn, jealous and possessive. Ruling planet: Venus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Key phrase: “I have.” Colors: pastels & blue. Flower: violets. Metal: copper. Rules: neck & throat. Gems: emeralds. Taurus is steady, deliberate, and determined.
Gemini (born May 21 – June 20)Symbol: Twins. Gemini is: a communicator, has an active mind and a quick wit and is mentally agile. Ruling planet: Mercury. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Key phrase: “I think.” Colors: silver & orange. Flower: orchid. Metal: quicksilver. Rules: hands & lungs. Gems: agate & citrine. Gemini can be nervous, versatile, excitable, inventive, conversational, unreliable and curious.
Cancer (born June 21 – July 22)Symbol: Crab. Cancer is: intuitive, psychic, sensitive, creative, possessive, moody, creative, domestic, empathetic and insecure. Ruling planet: Moon. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Key phrase: “I feel.” Colors: pearl, lavender and silver. Flower: lotus. Metal: silver. Rules: breast & stomach. Gems: alexandrite & moonstone. Cancer can be protective, domestic and sympathetic.
Leo (born July 23 – August 22)Symbol: Lion. Leo is: a leader, vain, stubborn, generous, proud, independent, spirited, dramatic, assertive, enthusiastic and loyal. Ruling planet: Sun. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Key phrase: “I will.” Colors: golden yellow & orange. Flower: marigold. Metal: gold. Rules: heart & back. Gems: ruby. Leo can be self-aware, proud, regal, challenging, brave and creative.
Virgo (born August 23 – September 22)Symbol: Virgin. Virgo is: logical, serious, thoughtful, modest, critical, reserved and clean. Ruling planet: Mercury. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Key phrase: “I analyze.” Colors: indigo, green & grey. Flower: forget-me-nots. Metal: nickel. Rules: hands & abdomen. Gems: sapphire & tiger’s eye. Virgo can be busy, concerned, careful, practical, analytical and discriminating.
Libra (born September 23 – October 22)Symbol: Scales. Libra is: modest, artistic, particular and sensitive. Ruling planet: Venus. Libra is a cardinal air sign. Key phrase: “I weigh.” Colors: blue & pink. Flower: pink rose. Metal: copper. Rules: lumbar & lower back. Gems: sapphire & opal. Libra can be diplomatic, compassionate, attentive, wimpy, charming and peaceful.
Scorpio (born October 23 – November 21)Symbol: Scorpion. Scorpio is: intense, secretive, powerful, energetic, creative, scientific and competitive. Ruling planet: Pluto. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Key phrase: “I desire.” Colors: dark red. Flower: honeysuckle & gardenia. Metal: iron & steel. Rules: pelvis & reproductive system. Gems: opal, topaz & hematite. Scorpio can be intense, penetrating and genuine.
Sagittarius (born November 22 – December 21)Symbol: Archer or Centaur. Sagittarius is: self-reliant, ambitious, honest, charitable, noble and social. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Key phrase: “I see.” Colors: purple & red. Flower: jasmine. Metal: tin. Rules: hips & thighs. Gems: topaz & lapis lazuli. Sagittarius can be enthusiastic, profound, generous, optimistic, unpredictable and frank.
Capricorn (born December 22 – January 19) Symbol: Sea Goat. Capricorn is: persevering, patient, conventional, practical and disciplined. Ruling planet: Saturn. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Key phrase: “I use.” Colors: brown, earthy colors. Flower: geranium. Metal: silver. Rules: knees & bones. Gems: onyx & garnet. Capricorn can be practical, unemotional, sober, orderly, controlling and manipulative.
Aquarius (born January 20 – February 18)Symbol: Water Bearer. Aquarius is: idealistic, independent, philosophical, patient, unconventional and a humanitarian. Ruling planet: Uranus. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Key phrase: “I know.” Colors: electric blue & psychedelic. Flower: lilacs & orchids. Metal: aluminum. Rules: legs, knees & ankles. Gems: amazonite & turquoise. Aquarius can be aspiring, unconventional and humane.
Pisces (born February 19 – March 20)Symbol: Fish. Pisces is: mystical, compassionate, tolerant, modest, emotional, submissive and changeable. Ruling planet: Neptune. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Key phrase: “I perceive.” Colors: turquoise blue & sea green. Flower: lotus & tuber rose. Metal: platinum. Rules: feet, lymphatics & liver. Gems: aquamarine & amethyst. Pisces can be intuitive, accepting, understanding, willing to sacrifice and accepting.